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Report a Sewer Claim:

Please contact Mackinaw Administrators regarding a sewer claim at the email or phone number below:

Great Lakes Region:

Servicing the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois

Toll Free: (800) 372-2428
Fax: (866) 712-1735
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Central Region:

Servicing the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin

Toll Free: (800) 211-6389
Fax: (651) 393-4880
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South Region:

Servicing the state of Alabama

Toll Free: (800) 536-7702
Fax: (877) 301-2008
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East Region:

Servicing the state of Massachusetts

Toll Free: (888) 444-4872
Fax: (978) 691-2477
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